Andrew Charlton’s Career As A Leader In The Field of Economics

Andrew Charlton is currently the co-founder and Director of AlphaBeta Advisors, an economic consulting team for private businesses. Through his work, he turns his passion and knowledge about economics into advice that individuals can use to help them steer their businesses through an ever-changing marketplace. Before starting AlphaBeta Advisors, Charlton held a position as Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Australia during the world economic crisis. How has Charlton become one of the worlds most sought after and respected economists? Through out his career, he has stayed true to his passion for the study of marketplaces and has shared his knowledge and foresight regardless of what other experts were saying.

Andrew Charlton began his extensive career in business and economics by working for the Boston Consultant Group. From there he went on to earn his masters as well as a doctorate from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He excelled in his studies and began to form the ideas on world trade that would carry him forward as a leader in the field of economics. He later returned to Oxford as a lecturer.

During the worldwide economic crisis, Andrew Charlton’s expertise was sought after by the Australian government. Charlton was asked to work with Australia’s Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, on how to best help Australia through the challenging times. Charlton led a team of economic advisors who worked closely with the government to forecast what would be happening with other international marketplaces so that the government could make wise financial decisions.

Charlton went on to serve as a senior government official, representing Australia in the G20 summit events which took place after the crisis. His work with the government extended into the economic side for climate change and led him to work with other countries as an Australian representative on matters of this regard.

Andrew Charlton has continued to share his unique perspective on the state of the economy through out the upheavals of the last decade. He co-authored a book in 2005 with Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, titled “Fair Trade For All”. In 2007, as international trade and development were experiencing great turmoil, he authored his first solo book, titled “Ozonomics: Inside the Myth of Australia’s Economic Superheroes”. The book was published by Random House and contributed to Charlton’s growing reputation as a thought leader in the global economic forum.

From 2010 to 2014, Charlton worked for Wesfarmers, an Australian conglomerate in which he functioned as a strategic advisor and business consultant, financial division leader, and manager. During his time with the Westfarmers team, Charlton was awarded the Young Global Leader award. This honor, given out by the World Economic Forum, focuses on an economist under the age of 40 who have made an impact on the global stage in a positive way. The award highlighted Charton’s ability to move forward with his ideas and visions to contribute to society in a positive way, even in the face of opposition.

Through out his career, Charlton has been recognized as an economist who follows his own path regardless of what others are doing. This sets him apart from any others who might just be following a majority trend. Charlton’s stance on Chinese trade and marketplace has separated him from the many economists who have a different forecast for China.

Because of Charlton’s passion for sharing the information as he knows it to be, he started AlphaBeta Advisors. He says that his passion for economics has shown him a perspective on international trade and business that is very beneficial to business owners. He stated, “I would like to see more people take an interest in the thoughtful study of economics and to develop an understanding of just how much the success or failure of a business is determined by market factors”.

His business, AlphaBeta Advisors, uses proprietary data that Charlton and his team have gathered over the years in order to help businesses make wise decisions. This is similar to the work that he did with the Australian government, in which Charlton took what he knew about international trade in order to predict future economic events and allocate money accordingly. His passion for this work carries through as he helps clients see the world through an economic lens.

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